We all know of a slip knot which has two ends. One end ties up the knot strongly and another releases the knot. Our manas (the internal sensory organ) is like a slip knot. The way you use it makes you either free or bonded!

If you pull the end with an attitude of ‘this is mine’ or ‘this is for me’ – it bonds you. But, if you pull the other end with an attitude of ‘this is given to me by the Supreme and the result of all my doing is for HIM’ – it releases you.

But, when you work so hard and earn money and you work so hard to raise your children well – How can we think that it is because of someone else that all this is happening ? When your mind poses such questions, talk to it and pose some questions back to your mind.

Is it by your choice that you have this body and this set of parents, or these children?

Is it by your choice that you age old?

Are you able to define the date and time of your death?

The answers are all No. We have to accept that there is a conditional freedom that we enjoy. Let us not forget this fact. Let’s happily enjoy the shade of that compassionate ‘Sriyahpathi’ , Lakshmi Narayana under the able guidance of great rushis and scholars with exemplary knowledge and wonderful experiences with the almighty.

Our manas has been in a longer term relation with us than the current body. We have come in to this body with the manas which is carrying the baggage of karma. Let’s not make it heavy by adding more and more of those karmic records. This is possible only when we make it our friend and make it travel towards the righteous path with the help of experienced acharyas and great scriptures.

A pure manas lets the existing knowledge within us to shine! An impure manas pushes the knowledge downwards. It is like a carrier of the knowledge. Like a battery to a bulb, so is jnanam/knowledge to a manas.

When the knowledge shines with the help of that pure manas, then we have turned on that ‘green light’ to accept Lord’s grace when it comes through! Now, don’t worry about the length of that wait. We have seen our Goda Devi, Nammalwar, Prahlada, and many more who have reached the abode of God. When it is possible for one, it will also be possible for the rest as the grace of Lakshmi Naryaana is matchless in mercy.

Our Nammalwar talks to his manas. He says in one of his songs, ‘You have become quite active these days and running faster than me towards God. Can you wait? Aren’t we good friends? Please take me also with you. Let’s go together’. Such a beautiful way to stay blessed in the warmth of the Supreme power. This attitude makes anyone happy as it removes ego and keeps one obedient.

-From the discourses of Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji on Bhagavad Vishayam

Courtesy: chinnajeeyar.guru