Message from Sri Samudrala Ranga Ramanujacharya, President, Ubhaya Vedantha Acharya Peetam

We belong to ‘Bharatha’ vamsam and are referred to as ‘Bharaytheeyas’ in Vishnu Puranam that existed ages ago,

పరం యస్సముద్రశ్చ  హిమాద్రే శ్చైవ దక్షిణం వర్షం తద్ భారతం నామ భారతీ యత్ర సంతతి

It is 71st Independence Day and if we do not identify ourselves with the right lineage and associate ourselves with the strong history and culture, we will not get the best out of our own rich heritage. Let us not forget where we came from, and who we are because we have the longest, richest and the most vibrant background.

It is said, స్వస్థాన వేష భాషాభిమతః సంతతః, One who remembers and is thankful his own birth place, his original form and the language is a person of good character.

Many small countries like Japan, Korea and Austria are self-dependant. We are a much bigger nation with lot more resources and are being dependant and are not as stable as we want to be. Let us keep the bigger picture in mind, but work in smaller areas around you. Take your family, or your unit of work place and think for the benefit of that area than being selfish or narrow-minded. This will automatically show its impact in bigger picture, our nation. Ultimately, we want all the people to live peacefully and happily. 

Message from Sri Ahobila Ramanuja Jeeyar Swami

It is great to attain something, but it is even more important and challenging to protect what is attained. Several sacrifices, and lots of core hard work went into giving us the freedom that we enjoy now. But, let us ensure we keep that in mind and work accordingly to not let it go. We are at a key stage now, and we need to stand strong and work for the nation.

Modiji’s government is a big asset for us now. Let us do our part to support the right actions of this government.

USA has so many engineers in NASA who are actually Indians. Let us work for our nation as well. It is great to see the whole world as one unit, and it is also equally important to preserve the richness of the soil you belong to in our own level. Only then, all little parts will grow into a huge great nation.

There are initiatives like 10 rupees from each family to strengthen our army, we can do such small bits and make ourselves much stronger.

Not forgetting our good values as base, let us move forward with courage, and unity! Bolo Bharath Matha Ki .. Jai !! 

Message from Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swami

Wishing all of us a very happy 71st Independence Day!

One of the most important qualities in any human being is ‘Kruthajnatha, కృతజ్ఞత. No matter who we get benefit from, it is very important that we are grateful to them and are able to payback with respects. We should always check ourselves to see how we are being part of the nation and working towards making it the best place. It is our duty to serve the nation through our own daily work, by doing it well, and by doing it right and taking part in all the development and safety initiatives taken by the government.

Fortunately, we have a very strong leadership now and we should do our part to ensure their efforts work faster. We are also under threat from a couple of nations and we should gain strength and energy to face any challenge. Eat well, gain good knowledge, work hard, and be ready to support the leadership at this very important period of time.

We are very diverse as you all know w.r.t religion, caste, creed etc. But, this is our strength. If you remember, there was a very big nation U.S.S.R which has one religion. But, it broke into pieces. So, it is not the diversity that is a problem, it is our attitude towards it.

We should put our culture and tradition as said by our scriptures as the base and move forward with good values.

Let us gain wealth for the nation and let us use it for the nation. Let us all take such oath and stand by it.

All the students of Gurukulam, Nethra, and JIMS – it is a golden opportunity to gain wisdom now and become the right instruments to keep our nation at its best.

May we all be healthy, energetic to become more useful and drive our actions as a form of gratitude to this great nation!