Narakasura, actually named Bhouma grew very arrogant and very greedy day by day. The wealth he acquired by force and power made him more and more cruel with the people in his custody. He troubled 16,000 princesses, who were brought into his kingdom after winning over many Kings. He got to a point where he snatched Indra’s aasanam (the chair). After complaints from Indra to save everyone, Sri Krishna then began to plan it out.

A quick background on who Bhouma is. When Hiranyaksha moved the mother Bhumi out of her orbit, Lord took the avatar of Varaha Swami and placed the mother Bhumi back in her orbit. During this time, on the day in the evening hours when mother Bhumi and Lord Varaha Swami got together – Bhouma was born.

Because he is the son of mother Bhumi, Krishna had to ensure he gets permission from the mother to kill her son. In Krishna avatar, mother Bhumi took the form of Satyabhama.

After Indra approached Krishna to save him from Narakasura, Krishna checked with Satyabhama about what should be done. Satyabhama clearly said, ‘You should always protect those in need and should put an end to those who are not following the dharma. So, go on! Why is there a question about it?’ Krishna then said, ‘Sure, I will. However, I would not want you to come along with me. You may not be able to tolerate the cruelty in the war, the blood and hurting!’ Satyabhama the replied, ‘I am brave enough to handle it. I will come along too.’ Krishna’s plan began to work. He took her to the battle field.

Narakasura’s empire/town was called ‘Pragjyothishapuram’ and built with 7 agadthas, meaning 7 huge protection layers such as ‘Mountains, Poisonous gases, Water stream full of Crocodiles and Sharks, Fire, Cruel animals, ‘. Sri Krishna took his Garuda Vahana and easily flew over all these layers. As he stepped onto the empire, what seemed like beautiful platforms turned into 100 headed snake! Krishna fought with the snake and killed it. Then, Narakasura and Krishna’s fierce fight started and has been going on and on. Satyabhama got impatient watching the ongoing fight. She was wondering why Krishna, who as a little boy killed many such demons is taking long. She had then told Krishna, ‘Go on and kill him now!’ Krishna then immediately ended the life of Narakasura. He continued to fight until Satyabhama herself instructed him to kill Narakasura!

In memory of that fight and the great valour of Sri Krishna and his weapons, we enjoy the fire crackers. As an example: Bhuchakra is lit to remember the way Krishna fought raising above the ground and twirling and twisting across each weapon launched by Naraka!

Narakasura asked Krishna for a boon that everyone should speak of him and celebrate a festival on his name! Krishna said, ‘so be it!’ And here we are celebrating the end of Narakasura!

The end of ‘arrogance and greediness’!

The end of ‘poor qualities and atrocious behaviour’!

The beginning of ‘joy and divine bliss’ with the power of Lord and his compassion!


– From the discourse of Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swami on Naraka Chaturdasi, the Krishna Chaturdasi in Asweeja masam!